Glen Baker
World traveler

Contributors name - Glen Baker

Current favorite ride - 2012 KTM690 enduro

Brief riding history - I began riding as a child while learning how to walk, my dad put me on a peewee and didn't explain braking so ended up in a mulberry bush on the farm. Since then I went from motocross to enduro riding in the Pilbara to being a street rider and everything in between. I'm an advocate for riding anything with two wheels. I sold my house in 2014 and spent 5 years riding around the world which was life changing and taught me a great deal about adventure riding and exposed me to the community all around the globe.

Best ride/tour ever - It is very difficult to narrow it down to one best ride, however the year I spent riding my Triumph speed triple from Alaska to Central America and living on the bike will forever be a highlight in my life. 

Honorable mentions go to Iceland and the Himalayas. 

Favorite WA ride area - I spend most my time riding the South West, typically doing multi day rides from Dwellingup to Augusta,

Best bike ever built - Triumph speed triple for sheer riding joy

The bike you learnt to ride on – whatever I can throw a leg over these days. But it really all began on a KDX200