Battery World Balcatta

Paul has owned Battery World in Balcatta for almost 8 years. He has also been a Perth Adventure Rider members since 2017 owning a couple of XT660 Tenere’s, a WR450, 701 Husky and currently a BMW 1250GS Adv and a T7 Tenere. He is a regular rider just like you and can certainly sort out electrical problems.

Paul started providing PAR discount without being asked and has been looking after anyone who walks in and wants to talk bikes, batteries and chargers. He has also been very generous providing quality raffle prizes at the PAR Christmas functions.

 Battery World of course can look after all of your bike and 4 x 4 needs, solar and camping set ups. Drop by his shop in Balcatta for chat and  tell him Colin from Ride With Me sent you!!!