Russell has been around forever and is one of the few trusted motorcycle suspension gurus in Perth. Nearly every standard bike can do with a suspension upgrade to make it work properly so its worth considering your bike. 

Give a Russel a call for some expert advice and a quote on how to make your bike track, brake and accelerate far better. Mention RIDE WITH ME for discount. He doesn't advertise as he doesn't need to but he still likes to see new faces and keep his workshop pumping. 

Email: info@dynotime.com.au

Phone: (08) 9409 5633 

Address: 3/20 Dellamarta Road,
Wangara, WA. 6065.

An extract below from his Website - 

"Dynotime was first established in 1996 incorporated with Wanneroo Motorcycles.  After selling this business in 2001Dynotime became its own entity.

I have a lifetime of involvement in motorcycle racing and repairs. Since leaving school I have worked for various dealerships before starting Wanneroo Motorcyles in 1987. Dynotime specialises in all types of dyno tuning and suspension service, modification and repair. I can also take on engine repairs and rebuilds at certain times.

My passion for riding and working on bikes has never ceased, and I feel very lucky to be part of the industry."