Enduro Bikes WA was formed to give anyone of any age a chance to ride off road. We have an excellent line up of enduro bikes for hire or bring your own bike. All of our rides and sessions are in Western Australia.

We do day trips for riders that range in difficulty from first time off roaders to more experienced riders. All of our day trips have a coaching element, you will learn new skills and rider improvement is guaranteed.

We do coaching for first time riders through to skilled riders wanting to hone some techniques and learn some new ones. Bikes and gear can be provided for these lessons as well.

We do private group rides and private sessions as well. We can cater to a group of up to 6 riders at a time.

Get in touch at facebook.com/endurobikeswa or find out more at endurobikeswa.com

Everyone who books a day training ride and mentions RIDE WITH ME will receive a free EBWA cap and stubby cooler. I will also work out some further discounts with them and include those details in my newsletter. Please subscribe below if you want to be included in additional information.