This kit consist of 2 x DRZ400 oil filters and a 4 litre container of quality ENI 15W 50 oil. Changing the oil with a filter requires 1.8 L of oil so with 4 litres you will have enough for two oil changes and a little left over for a top up if necessary. Everyone has a different idea on how often the oil should be changed on a bike and in my opinion its different for every bike and it depends what you are doing on it. On my DRZ i - Change the oil and filter every 500 - 1000 kms for enduro style riding pushing the bike and revving it hard. Change the filter and the oil every 2000 - 3000 kms for adventure style riding, taking it easy and being light on the throttle. Of course you cannot hurt the motor by changing the oil more often and oil is cheaper than engine rebuilds. Bikes love clean oil and clean air so dont forget to check and clean the air filter as often as necessary. My filter gets cleaned every ride if I am riding in a group and its dusty. Adventure riding out of the dust Ill extend the cleaning intervals. I also use oiled filter socks for multi day rides and change that out each night with a fresh one. The oil is too heavy to freight so its really for local pick up only. Click on buy and provide your details and Ill get back to you.

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