DRZ are trail bikes and not race bikes therefore there are limitations how good you can make their suspension. For the majority of us I don't believe you will benefit from spending big dollars on your suspension for Adventure riding. As most of us are over 65 kgs and we want to fit large fuel tanks (1 kg for every litre) and then strap 30 kgs of camping gear on the back after putting on 15 kgs of ride gear I would say some heavier springs and some heavier weight oil will do the job. We will buy the springs through the local suspension guru who will decide on what what size springs you need after giving him all your details - weight, riding style, fuel tank capacity, camping gear etc. You order, pay for and pick up the springs (north or south of the river) Don't forget to grab 2 one litre bottles of 10 weight fork oil. We will arrange a time to drop the bike off with the springs and oil and I will swap them out and dial in your bike ready for you to start playing with the clickers to best meet your ride style. I have complete dozens of spring changes and have always got great feed back,. The bike will stop diving in the front, bottoming out and certainly roll over the tops of corrugation better. My time is $149.00. The springs are around $400.00 and you also need 2 litres of quality fork oil. I also ask that the bike is delivered clean. DRZ suspension workshops - Why not come along to one of my workshops and jump on the tools yourself. I have a maximum of 4 bikes in the workshop and Ill talk you through the process. You need to bring along your own hand tools and I supply the specialty tools. We normally take around 4 hours and we will have some laughs and a bit a fun along the way. You are also welcome to bring along some other bits and get them fitted at the same time as long as we have time. Workshop price is $129.00 (min 2 riders) - Bring an extra mate along and do it for $99.00 each. Drop your bike off and let me do it $149.00 Don't click on here to pay for it. I will provide bank details to pay once the time comes. Simply email me to start a conversation.

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