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Once your bike has some decent kms on the clock a compression tester is a must when you are doing your own big services. This handy little inexpensive tool can tell you far more that you think about your engine. A compression test can help tell you if your rings are worn or your valves need adjusting. 

Remove your spark plug and install the tool. Turn the motor over for a few seconds and take a reading. If your reading is lower than what the manual says it should be then you need to do a second reading but this time first pour a half a coke bottle lid of oil down into the cylinder and repeat the test. 

If your reading increases dramatically then its likely your valves are adjusted OK but your rings are worn. If your reading does not increase or not by a lot then its likely your valves need adjusting or replacement.  Either way, you now have diagnosed parts of your bike engine condition. Its a great starting point. 

Standard postage is $9.00 however this item can usually be posted for free with another item that attracts postage.  Please message me if you want to purchase multiple items.