You have a bike license and a road worthy licensed off road orientated bike and now you would like to increase you skill level and confidence. I am not offering a tour but the opportunity for me to shadow you while you ride and increase your ability to ride off road. We are lucky in Perth with some amazing trails within a short ride of the city. We will have a chat and discuss your current skill set and go out some some trails that you will enjoy and challenge you a little bit. As your ability increase we can ramp it up as you go. I do not take responsibility for any personal injury or damage or loss to your bike or equipment. I will not not providing any professional riding skills training. This is your ride and I will be there to help out as we go. I can also show you a few navigation techniques and some off line Apps that I use to lead tours. We will have plenty of breaks along the way to catch your breath and to have a drink. Depending where we go we can either stop at a pub or cafe for lunch or carry our own on the bike. All I ask is that you have dirt orientated tyres and bring along any specific tools required to remove your wheels and wear a hydro pack or carry at least a few litres of bottled water. Depending on your skill set and experience we will meet somewhere within an hour of Perth for a coffee and chat around 9.30 to talk about the day. We will hit the trails soon after and spend time riding on various surfaces and gradients while you gain confidence. We will finish off the day with a late lunch and review your day. You pay for your own fuel, food, drinks and any other expenses. Your payment covers my time shadowing you. I do shadow rides for $129.00 with a maximum of three riders and I offer a 50% discount to the 2nd and 3rd riders if you book as a group. Don't click on here to pay for it. I will provide bank details to pay once the time comes. Simply email me to start a conversation.

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