(80 of these units have now been sold across Australia and I have not received one negative comment - January 2022) We all like to our bikes to have a nice note but spending $1000 on an after market system is often out of reach for a lot of us. This simple modification opens up the rear of the muffler and gives the bike a lovely note. The transformation takes around 20 minutes and requires a hack saw, a drill and a 38 mm hole saw cutter. The mod is well made from stainless steel and bolts in place using rivet nuts. The mod cost $55.00 plus $12.50 freight (or pick up Hillarys). If you are not handy on the tools I can fit it for you for a further $30.00. I have had brilliant feedback from this mod and everyone who has installed it has given positive feedback. If you don't like the idea of cutting the tail pipe out of your exhaust before having a good listen to the mod then I have a spare standard system with the mod installed and you can drop it on and go for a decent ride before making a decision ( Perth riders only) Don't click on here to pay for it. I will provide bank details to pay once the time comes. Simply email me to start a conversation.

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