I bought one of these in 2014 when I first started riding adventure bikes. It has been used so many times I could not count and is still going strong. You can plug it into your power outlet or connect it directly to the battery with the small alligator clamps that are supplied with. I have cut my main lead and fitted an Anderson plug so I can connect directly to my jump start kit ensuring I have all the power I will need to pump up a 150 rear tyre from 15 back to 35 psi to ride home on the road. It is really not much larger than a pack of playing cards and certainly doesn't weigh much. It has a small LED light so you can see what you are doing at night. I have found over time the gauge has lost some of its accuracy, so I also carry a small digital tyer gauge to check the pressures. Let's face it, you need a tyre pressure gauge anyway to air down in the first place.

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