Cut and paste this link to watch the video on how to use this great little kit- This jump starter kit is designed to make starting your bike easy when it is fully loaded as means you don't have to remove seats, panniers etc to access your battery. Part 1 of the kit connects to your battery with the Anderson look plug fitted somewhere you can access it quickly should you need it. Part 2 is the 1 meter long extension lead to take power from another bike. Part 3 is a set of alligator clamps should your ride buddy not have the kit fitted or you need to access power from a car of 4WD. If you ride in a pack and your mates have the kit fitted you can leave the alligator clamps home for the day and only take them if you are out on your own. If you have more than one bike you can buy part 1 separately and just interchange parts 2 and 3 between bikes. The Anderson look plug can also be used for keeping your battery on charge in the shed as well as other accessories such as a compressor etc. Just swap the leads over to an Anderson look plug on anything else you need power for. Flush mount kits are available separately and just tidy it up a little more and provide even better access to power. Jump start kits are $59.00 and $12.50 postage or free pick up in Hillarys. I can also supply the kit with smaller alligator clamps as shown in the pics. While they will still do the job they pack away much small than the 90 mm variety. This difference in the price of the two clamps is $5.00 so I can do the kit for $54.00. If you order a kit with smaller clamps just message me as well. Simply click on the product and complete all of your personal details and I will email you back with bank account details etc.

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