If you have more than one bike you do not need to purchase a complete kit for each bike. Just buy 1 complete kit and as many of these kits as you have bikes! This part of the kit connects to your battery and you hide the Anderson look plug in an easily accessible spot on your bike. The other two parts to the kit you move from bike to bike as you change bikes for different rides. The Anderson look plug can also be used for keeping your battery on charge in the shed as well as other accessories such as a compressor etc. Just swap the leads over to an Anderson look plug on anything else you need power for. Of course you can also purchase a flush mount kit as well just to really make it look nice fitted to the bike. Part 1 of the kit is $20.00. Sold separately postage is $12.50. if you would like to purchase this item then please complete all of the personal contact details and submit and I will email you back with the quote and the payment details.

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