No one likes to deal with a flat tyre but if you are not prepared it could be a long walk home. Trail stand - This light (350 gram) stand will hold either wheel in the air and make the bike very stable allowing you to remove the wheel safely and deal with the issue. Also great for a quick lube of the chain. See the trail stand individual ad for more details. Mini Compressor - It speaks for itself. Once that tyre and tube are back together you need to get some air into it. Also great for airing up after a dirt ride ready to hit the bitumen to get home. Bead breaker/Tyre Levers - Lets face it, a set of standard tyre levers are simply just not going to break the bead of most tyres and without this great little setup you may not get the tyre of the rim. Once the bead is broken, turn them around and use them as levers to remove the tyre. You can leave your other tyre levers at home now. Bead Buddy - For those of you who have not used one they are a must. When refitting your tyre after replacing or repairing the tube, the bead buddy holds the tyre bead low in the valley of the rim allowing you to use far less effort to lever the tyre back on. I have just completed 18 x 1 hour tyre changing workshops (with Perth Adventure Riders) using only these tools and a bit of lube with everyone who attended successfully completing the tyre change. Tyre off completely and all back together. Simply click on the item and complete your personal contact details and I will email you back the quote and the payment details. Free pick up in Hillarys Perth or I can post Express Post (Australian Post)

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