If you are riding a bike and exploring our great trails and doing this away from help then you certainly need to know how to fix a flat if you have tubed tyres. Many riders have no idea and plenty will give it a go but often with plenty of swearing and some loss of blood. Yep you can watch a few Utube videos on the subject and no matter what process these guys use it is not hands on and it's not until you give it a go that you realize they didn't share everything with you that you needed to know. I can offer you a one-hour session where you swing the tools and we take it step by step sharing everything little trick you need to provide the confidence to give it a go by yourself on the trail. Of course, there are a few basic tools you need to get the job done. The cost of the workshop is the purchase of a trail stand. A bead breaker/tyre levers and a bead buddy will also be used and I recommend you purchase them if you don't already have them. Now you need these anyway so the workshop is really free. If you already have a trail stand you can select other gear to the same value. You need to bring your front wheel with you (Take it off the bike) and I can also arrange tyres and HD tubes if you need them too.

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