I now do tyre changing for standard dirt tyres. I only have a manual tyre changing machine and will do my best not to scratch of damage the rims. It is getting harder to find someone to change your tyres if you don't purchase the tyres through them. Dont forget all the other great gear sell when you pop over. I can show you the products and let you know how they work the best. The rates are - $20.00 per wheel providing you take the wheels off yourself and bring them over without the bike. $30.00 per wheel if you bring the bike over and I need to remove the wheels. If you have a flat and need new tubes put in I can do them at the same price. You can have new tyres freighted to my address to save you the hassle of bring them over. Nelson from Adventure On Store can organise your new Motoz or Golden tyres. If you have any questions just ask. I live near Whitfords shopping centre so you can go for a walk, have a coffee, haircut, lunch or even take in a movie while im fitting your tyres. Happy riding - especially on new rubber.

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