Adventure bike accessories are very expensive. If you are planning a one off trip for a week or two do you really want to part with a $1000 or more to set your bike up. I will kick off with limited gear and should there be a demand I will increase the product range. All kits will be different therefore I will need to quote on each request based on what you need and how long you need it for. I will endeavor to keep it affordable as possible so you don't have to outlay big money for a short break. So far I have - 17 Litre Safari Tank for DRZ Seats Concept short seat for DRZ Giant Loop Tank bags 1 set of large Giant Loop soft panniers more suited to the larger bike 2 Sets of Andy Strapz soft panniers - side racks required 1 set of Load soft panniers Andy Strapz Truckz bag - Top mount tool kit bag 4 litre Rotopax fuel container 4 litre Rotopax water container 6 litre Rotopax fuel container 6 litre Rotopax water container 8 litre Rotopax fuel container 8 litre Rotopax water container Trail stands Jump start kits ( Custom fit for any bike) While side racks are needed to mount a Rotopax on each side of the bike, they can also be mounted on a rear top rack. Assorted basic camping/cooking gear A small collection of ride gear. Don't click on here to pay for it. I will provide bank details to pay once the time comes. Simply email me to start a conversation.