Bringing the bike back to its former glory after a big dirty ride can be difficult without the right cleaning products. This is a specially formulated product ideal for motorcycles and almost half the cost of a litre of CT18 from Super Cheap. I cannot post this product so its pick up only or I can bring a few bottles along to a ride. It is a heavy duty, water based, universal degreaser sold in 1 Litre bottles. Features and Benefits  Excellent oil lifting ability. Can replace kerosene in many degreasing operations.  Does NOT contain caustic materials or any harsh chemicals.  Biodegradable and non-toxic.  Effective in hard water; even salt water.  Does not contain any solvents.  Will not damage paint, fabrics or any other surfaces when used as recommended.  Rinses cleanly. Will not leave streaks or stains on surfaces. APPLICATION DILUTION High Pressure washing - 10 - 20 grams per litre Manual washing - 50 - 100 grams per litre As a degreaser - equal parts per volume. Ensure you rinse until you have removed all suds. CAUTION - Wear eye protection. Don't click on here to pay for it. I will provide bank details to pay once the time comes. Simply email me to start a conversation.